The Hogeland region

Space & Quiet

Waddenstee, in the middle of the countryside.

Westernieland (Het Hogeland municipality) is a rural community. Friendly, quiet and spacious. Close to the Wadden Sea, National Park Lauwersmeer at a stone’s throw, but also the city (which means the city of Groningen, the only city in the Netherlands that is referred to as “city”) is close by. Below, we explain some of the sights that are in the vicinity.


Say Pieterburen, and you think of seals. This shelter has put the village on the map in recent decades. But Pieterburen is no longer just the seal centre. Wadden Sea walks, small theme parks and cosy restaurants now give the village its typical atmosphere.

Distance Waddenstee – Pieterburen

2,5 KM

The Lauwersmeer National Park

One of the National Parks is also close to Waddenstee. The nature in Lauwersmeer is so special that the area has been designated as a National Park. Visitors are welcome day and night.

Distance Waddenstee – Lauwersmeer

28 KM

The Wadden Sea

“The most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands”, “.The special landscape of mudflats, salt marshes, dunes, gullies and sand flats creates a unique area that you will not find anywhere else”. What else should we add, except that it is really within walking distance from Waddenstee?

Distance Waddenstee – Waddenzee

2,3 KM

Winsum, most beautiful village in the Netherlands

In 2020, Winsum was proclaimed the “Most Beautiful Village in the Netherlands” by the ANWB. Winsum actually consists of two villages, Winsum and Obergum. These two centres are connected by two bridges, De Boog and the Jeneverbrug. It has beautiful buildings (59 national monuments), many terraces and is definitely worth seeing from the water. You can hire a boat at “De Jongens” (camping Marenland) to sail through the Winsumerdiep.

Distance Waddenstee – Winsum

11 KM

Image from <a href="""">Bishnu Sarangi</a> via <a href="""">Pixabay</a>

The Klutenplas

Or even closer. ‘De Klutenplas’ is located right behind the sea dike northeast of Westernieland. The triangular piece of former salt marsh (approx. 6 ha. in size) has been transformed by the St. Het Groninger Landschap playfully enhanced with embankments and water features. The foundation organises special excursions in their nature reserves in the province throughout the year.

Distance Waddenstee – Klutenplas

5,5 KM


Groningen is a vibrant, multifaceted city with a lot of culture and events, beautiful historical monuments such as the Martinitoren, nice shopping streets for a great day’s shopping and tasty restaurants. In short, nothing beats Groningen!

Distance Waddenstee – Groningen

25 KM

Menkemaborg, Uithuizen

The Menkemaborg was originally a house dating back to the 14th century, a so-called ‘stone house’, which was enlarged over time. It is one of the best-preserved borgen in the province of Groningen. The garden west of the borg has been reconstructed according to the original garden plan from around 1705.

Distance Waddenstee – Menkemaborg, Uithuizen

16 KM


The island of Schiermonnikoog is car-free and is therefore particularly popular due to its tranquillity and space. It was declared one of the twenty National Parks of the Netherlands in 1989, with plenty of dunes, beach, woods, mud flats and polder.

Distance Waddenstee – Schiermonnikoog

29 KM

(to port Lauwersoog)
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